Good Riddance

The Alberta election is over. Goodbye NDP (their wins are in orange). Go here and zoom in on Edmonton and Calgary, you’ll see they won over twenty ridings. To be fair, they may win Banff-Kananaskis east of Calgary…but it won’t matter.


I’ve got my reasons for not liking the NDP. If you guess it has something to do with “Left just gotta left”, you’re close enough. For Ms. Notley, I think Mr. Kipling said it best (with necessary pronoun changes):

A Servant When [She] Reigneth

For three things the earth is disquieted, and for four which it cannot bear. For a servant when he reigneth and a fool when he is filled with meat; for an odious woman when she is married, and an handmaid that is heir to her mistress.

Prov. xxx. 21–23.

THREE things make earth unquiet

And four she cannot brook

The godly Agur counted them

And put them in a book—

Those Four Tremendous Curses

With which mankind is cursed

But a Servant when She Reigneth

Old Agur entered first.


An Handmaid that is Mistress

We need not call upon,

A Fool when he is full of Meat

Will fall asleep anon.

An Odious Woman Married

May bear a babe and mend,

But a Servant when She Reigneth

Is Confusion to the end.


Her feet are swift to tumult,

Her hands are slow to toil,

Her ears are deaf to reason,

Her lips are loud in broil.

She knows no use for power

Except to show her might.

She gives no heed to judgment

Unless it prove her right.


Because she served a master

Before her Queenship came,

And hid in all disaster

Behind her master’s name,

So, when her Folly opens

The unnecessary hells,

A Servant when She Reigneth

Throws the blame on some one else.


Her vows are lightly spoken,

Her faith is hard to bind,

Her trust is easy broken,

She fears her fellow-kind.

The nearest mob will move her

To break the pledge she gave—

Oh a Servant when She Reigneth

Is more than ever — slave!

Rudyard Kipling


Tick Tock Rachel

This showed up in my mail box today (my mailbox marked ‘No Junk Mail’):




It’s funny how no other political parties propaganda has shown up in my mail box. I guess Rachel’s volunteers have issues respecting private property. Lefties gotta left, I suppose.

Seriously, all the things she claims to stand for are things no politician would ever argue against, except the pipelines. (She’s got no control over pipelines, though.) The attribution of all she claims to have done by herself borders on megalomaniacy.

All the mud slung at Kenney is of course a mix of projection and scaremongering.  Again, Lefties gotta left.

The election is Tuesday. Edmonton will likely stay mostly NDP in the core, so I’ll be an island of redpill in a sea of orange. For the rest of Alberta, please send the NDP back to single digits, if not to a loss of party status. I just want their bullshit to stop.

Senor Blañco

The Semantic Game

Of minor note, there is a controversy in Alberta over Catholic Schools and their practice of asking Catholic teachers to sign ‘Catholicity’ Agreements as a condition of employment. The concern being that some LGBTQ teachers have expressed concerns that their employment may not be secure.[1] (Never mind that a religious school firing someone on the basis of sexual orientation was ruled illegal over 20 years ago.) Alberta Catholic schools insist they need to hire Catholic teachers. A “Catholic lifestyle” is a necessary and reasonable expectation, says the Catholic Schools, otherwise Catholic School’s existence is meaningless.*

This is a fine way to have a semantic battle, which you eventually will lose.

Some advice: do not play this semantic game. Referring to your religion as a “lifestyle”, as “Catholicity”, is playing the semantic game of the progressives. I get that you are trying to downplay any signs of oppression or intolerance, but softening your language looks like you are subordinating your faith in order to satisfy the Left. The Left’s strategy is always defect-defect, your capitulation is seen as weakness, and they will demand more, not leave you alone.

The Catholic faith is fundamental, being a connection to a higher power, providing moral guidance, and a close community. That’s not a ‘lifestyle’.  They should say so.

Señor Blanco


*This is a problem because Alberta (and Saskatchewan) are required to provide two school systems: one public, and one Catholic (mostly…it’s complicated). This was done on the Provinces’ creation, to make Québec happy: see section 17 of the Alberta Act, amending section 93 of the Constitution Act, 1867.

[1] This acronym seems to change on a daily basis. How long before it’s a hate crime to use the wrong version? Kafka laughs.