Sunday Morning Coffee 05/22/2022

“Bad” Bill Pratt with a nostalgic look back at Playboy (when it was about women), KISS’ Destroyer album, and other milestones along the road out of adolescence.

Terror House releases Ending Bigly, Eh?, a collection of stories, a poem, and writings on the demise of the Coward Justin Trudeau. My review is here. Hank Oslo also reviewed it over at American Sun. Mr. Oslo, like the writers in Ending, have considered and understand this phenomenon called ‘Canada’ better than most Canadians. Their writings are not just trashing Trudeau, but a hard look in the mirror for Canadians wondering about what the fate of ‘Canada’ might be.

Gerry T. Neal discusses Dr. Stephen Gould’s (of sociobiology fame) selection of an essay by John Sack. In the 2001 essay (in Esquire, original here), Mr. Sack told of his attendance at a holocaust denial conference. Mr. Neal relates this to the recent announcement by the Canadian government to criminalize holocaust denial. (Last link to MSM.)

Larry Johnson at Sonar21 gives his perspective on US armament supplies to Ukraine.

Severian starts a chain of posts at Founding Questions on how our changing perception of time has affected us. Plus, what we can learn about humans from dog breeds.

Climate change will cause higher CO2, causing more plants, causing them to produce more oxygen, which then cause a reduction in oxygen which will lead to mass extinctions (always caused by falling global temperatures) because of increasing global temperatures. Sigh. So says a new study skewered by William Briggs.

By way of Isegoria, smoke alarms may not be saving as many lives as before.

APRFTGV reminds us that all we were told about FAUXVID prevention measures was wrong.

And thanks to APRFTGV for noting this: George W. Bush laments Putin’s unjustified and brutal invasion of Iraq…Ukraine…(well, Iraq too). He’s 75, you know.

When Bush criticizes Russia for not having a US style democracy, saying they lack ‘checks and balances ‘, I cannot help but think he means those checks and balances that put him in power, and them let him smokescreen his way into war with Iraq. The ‘checks and balances’ I am seeing all across the west are all allowing if not actively participating in the west’s denigration. Perhaps this is the accumulation of problems within a system that cannot be solved by that system because it is blind to them or because its limitations make it impossible. (A weird corollary to Goedel’s Incompleteness Theorems: a system meant to solve problems inevitably makes problems which the system itself cannot solve.) In the west, we are seeing such systemic problems and a new class of elites willing to exploit them for their own gains, and are doing so only with a short term view. Anyway, someone should send Bush the link to Sigmund Freud’s Substack.

At the Orthosphere, JMSmith explains the Great Replacement, an event of a kind that has occurred many times in history.

Gerry Bowler tells of his travels in Caucasia and the 40 Martyrs of Sebaste.

John Michael Greer looks at recent economic signs of decline in the west, with a focus on petroleum supplies and the not-replacement options.

Mogadishu Matt tells tales of Navy buddies getting in trouble with the law.

Eugyppius responds to critiques of his essay lamenting the failure of conservatives in Germany to conserve anything in the face of their ongoing FAUXVID insanity.

Jim notes that stagflation is here. An interesting debate was underway in the comments about supply versus demand being the cause.


Z Man looks at US foreign policy over the last 30 years, and finds all of its military interventions driven by a hatred of Russia.

Neurotoxin is going on a two-kilo miscellany bender.

Eternal Anglo Seax is trippin’ on chickens. It’s like an Internet LSD trip, but you don’t have to lick the screen to get a hit.

Wolf Street looks at the jump in oil and fuel prices in the US.

At the Neo-Ciceronian Times, how a move away from federal paramountcy and a return to States’ rights is a sign of collapse of the American regime, and what comes after.


APRFTGV with an ‘amuse-bouche’ collection of quotes. Also, Things I Read.

Twelve quotes of wisdom from Gerry Bowler.

The American Sun has its weekly Winners, Losers and Links.

Niccolo Soldo presents Saturday Commentary and Review #83.

Just in time for the presses, Russians With Attitude give a SITREP on the Ukraine conflict and the Fall of Azov.


At the Worthy House, Charles Haywood reviews Roman Catholicism and Political Form by Carl Schmitt.

Tom Luongo and Garland Nixon discuss Ukraine as money washing machine, Tubman D.F. corruption, and common points between the Left and Right in the US, at Gold, Goats ‘n Guns.

Pete Quinones and John Doyle talk about the state of US society.

James Kunstler talks to Larry C. Johnson, formerly of the CIA and the US State Department, about the situation in Ukraine.

Quintus Curtius on leadership and on not tolerating semi-confidences.

To close, my favourite cover of a KISS track:

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