Book Review – Ending Bigly, Eh?: The Many Fates of Justin Trudeau

Terror House Magazine has released Ending Bigly, Eh?: The Many Fates of Justin Trudeau, edited by Bill Marchant. It is a collection of fiction, poetry, and analysis, on how the Coward Justin Trudeau’s time as leader of Canada will come to an end. It is written by a motley collection of authors you may recognize from the Twitterverse. Their consensus is that Trudeau is a public persona of propaganda, hiding a juvenile, spoiled, cruel, petty and malicious little boy. On this basis they predict ignominious endings for the man. The collection is entertaining, and provides some insight into the boy, and also Canada and how overall they appear resigned to having this play-actor lead their country. When all you want is for the marionette that is the Coward Justin Trudeau to just shut the hell up…this collection of tales provides how, in a just universe, that could occur. It is a salve for those even mildly irritated by his antics, and I highly recommend it.

It is almost impossible to predict what the end of the Coward Justin Trudeau might look like. This is because we have little idea who the Coward Justin Trudeau actually is. The Current YearTM Prime Minister is a ‘stand on your spot and say your line’ kind of guy. His current access to power is provided by the Liberal Party of Canada, who allows him the prestige of being de facto ruler of Canada, so he can jet set around the world, give billions in taxpayer dollars abroad to show his largesse, all to maintain the image of him as a great man, both in his own mind, and to Canada. The Liberals in exchange get to keep power over the federal government, a caretaker in 1867, now morphed into the most powerful institution in the country.

It is not clear how much power Trudeau actually exercises. If he WAS actually running the country, we’d be a banana republic with no bananas. I suspect it is not much power, and that he is guided by people much smarter than he is. He is largely a puppet, and a lightning rod. He attracts all the adoration of the progressives, and all the hatred of the right wing. He is an excellent distraction, for while people focus on him, they are not seeing what else is happening in the country, nor considering other problems of governance. And I suspect that every time he and his foibles are trotted out for full media coverage, behind the scenes rapine is afoot across the land.

The Coward’s image is carefully maintained. Indeed, if it appears he is not following the script, he is quickly removed from the public eye, such as the Trucker Convoy protests earlier this year in which he had asymptomatic FAUXVID by coincidence, just when it was clearly time for him to actually speak to protesters. Since the Liberal party had no clue how that might go, they simply kept him under wraps.

The Liberals have spent billions of dollars of government money to build and maintain his image, and will likely continue spending when he is no longer Prime Minister to maintain that image, just like they do with his father. There are still glimpses, every once in a while, of the man behind the persona. No one likes what they see.

Most folks who talk about Trudeau acknowledge that upon his victory in 2015 he was entirely unqualified to be Prime Minister. Being a ski instructor and drama teacher, and failing at both, did not make him Prime Ministerial material. However, many I talk to think he is doing a good job now, largely because he is accepted as nothing more than a talking head and seems to be good at it. Most agree that he is in charge of very little, and if he were that would be disastrous. His continued rhetoric around social justice issues has resulted in these issues becoming worse, not better. Never has the country, to my mind, been more divided along racial, social, class and regional lines. (At least not since the reign of his father, Pierre.)

Most of what Trudeau actually implements on his own initiative has very little impact. (For instance, the Trucker protests ran for weeks enduring only left-wing slights from Trudeau. They were actually broken up after private companies obtained injunctions in Ontario, and President Biden called the boy and told him to use his government’s emergency powers to shut the protests down.) Legislation which he claims to have driven is mostly a show, and large amounts of the money his government spends goes to grants, NGOs, and government departments, largely to be spent on reports and ‘conversations’. Not to mention his own blatant gifts to African nations, as barely disguised bribes for votes on a UN Security Counsel seat for Canada, which he nonetheless failed to obtain. And yet, it appears Canada and its political parties are content to resign themselves to his rule until it finally peters out. Perhaps it is the acknowledgement that while the country is in decline, its clearly not Trudeau himself who is responsible.

Onto the anthology. What makes Ending Bigly, Eh? a profound work is the implicit acknowledgements of these realities. The end met by Trudeau in the stories is often not a death, but rather, the end of his carefully crafted image, either public, or in his own mind. The stories about the future of Canada itself have little focus on Trudeau, but rather point to the resentments and forces currently undiscussed in Canada which could potentially boil over and destabilize the country in the future. These writings, while irreverent and full of the edgy, twisted fiction that Terror House is known for, provides a window into the Canadian psyche.

In that light, understanding that the Trudeau we see today is nothing more than a public image, I am calling the story Ending With Fidelity as the most likely scenario for Trudeau’s end. The actor finally finds his true home.

As noted by stained hanes in Sunshine Sketches of a Little Diaspora, Canada is largely not united, with vast cultural differences a mari usque ad mare. Resentments towards other provinces, and especially to central Canada and Ottawa in particular abound up here. I would not treat a Pit Bull the same as a Chihuahua. That is a grave error to make anytime, and so it is with Canadians from different provinces as well. Sketches’ compliment is The Canada Model Drowns In Honking, an actual look at the federal regime in Ottawa, how it developed, and what the Trucker Convoy protests revealed about it.

The fictional accounts of Trudeau’s end are fun, sometimes outrageous, and often creeping into…creepy (Seven Needles, The Awakening, The Press Conference, and MK-ULTR-EH). The ones about the fate of Canada as a nation are not (Ending Calmly, Bad Luck Streak…, ‘Deny, Exploit, Corrupt, or Destroy‘, Tegart’s Trek, ‘Oh No, Canada!’) . They are scary possibilities, more because authorities in Canada ACT AS IF scenarios such as these are a very real possibility. And sometimes, when the people in charge think things are going to hell, or show a preference for creating hell, that is enough to actually make it so. And, I am fond for the quick adaptation of Coleridge’s The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, to Trudeau’s fortunes (The Crimes of the Ancient Minister). Tellingly, Death and Night-mare Life in Death cannot even be bothered to show up much less play dice for this fool’s soul.

All told then, what we have is an expose of two things lying under the surface in Canada. On one hand, the authors are trying to expose what Justin Trudeau actually is, based on occasional glimpses from behind his facade, by describing what end he will meet, and usually, the end he deserves. The other is the resentments, grievances and governance issues that are destabilizing Canada, now buried by media and government alike in Canada under accusations of the bigotry flavour-of-the-week. Trying to keep a lid on what lurks under the surface, briefly exposed in the pages of End Bigly, Eh? is going to end up costing Canada a lot. The book manages to provide a few road maps of the potential fracturing of the nation, the implosion of Trudeau, and it’s also a lot of quirky weird fun too.

My copy was a reviewer’s copy provided for free by Terror House. It is available through Terror House, and also through Amazon.

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