Sunday Morning Coffee 01/30/2022

Nicollo Soldo writes on Canada, and the Freedom Convoy (at that time) making its way to Ottawa, to push for the end of FAUXVID nonsense. The article is behind a paywall, but he’ll let you see the first 500 words or so for free. I think he understands the nation as a whole very well (he lived here for many years). This is a protest by hundreds or perhaps thousands of Canadian truckers, which began in New Westminster, B.C. and has traveled across the country gathering steam, receiving much support from demonstrators in many towns and cities.

The MSM has gleefully reported on the usual shitlib talking points, which boil down to the truckers are not complying with the regime, and so must be misogynists, racists, etc etc. They have, from the outset, either tried to stifle the story or reported on it as if it will be January 6th redux. Some donations to a GoFundMe campaign for the came from anonymous or pseudonymous donors, and so of course must be for nefarious, terrorist purposes. The convoy, is according to the National Post, looking to suspend Canada’s democracy (way off the mark…that ended in 2015). Someone wore a Proud Boys flag, and someone else waved a large “Don’t Tread On Me” flag. Some have used words that the MSM and the regime are afraid of. All told, the MSM consensus is the same fear porn they used for FAUXVID: we cannot say what it is, but we cannot say it isn’t not dangerous, so check your brain and comply with the regime.

They have even gone so far as to report that Members of Parliament have been warned that the truckers may target their houses in Ottawa, to which I can reassure them this will not be the case. The MPs in the current regime have zero, zilch say in the running of the country, and are usually just mouthpieces for regime propaganda, so it is unlikely any Canadians even know who they are, or care.

Justin Trudeau has boldly stepped up to meet what his puppets Jagmeet Singh, and Erin O’Toole have labelled an effort to spread misinformation and incite violence. One of Trudeau’s children tested FAUXVID positive, and therefore he has to be quarantined for five days, so will be working from home while the protest takes place. Which is probably for the best, leaving the adults to work things out.

The Ottawa regime, now resigned to having to live with the protests, are seeking absolute assurances that, in effect, they have nothing to fear from the protest. The uncertainty around what the protesters will do or what the outcome will be is just too much for their little political hearts. Patriactionary was there, and has pictures galore.

It is with righteous Schadenfreude that I watch these politicians cower as they are now subject to the same kind of uncertainty that they have dumped on the masses for almost two years in the name of FAUXVID. I’d like to think they’ll see the light and end the nonsense, but I doubt it. (I suspect they secretly enjoy the LARPing as people who matter.) It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, now that the lid has been lifted on the supposed “consensus” of Canadians who are compliant with the state. I have heard no reports of any counter-protests anywhere, and no violence as of Saturday night.

While refusing to follow the lead of the Americans and British, who have both sent anti-tank weapons, Justin Trudeau has not risked his reputation on a personal diplomatic initiative.

Over at the Upheaval Substack, N.S. Lyons on why Wokeness is not going anywhere soon. Malcolm responds, making good arguments against, with the Pitch Black Pill.

Nikolai Vladisvostok asks: Who’s in charge?

Jim on FAUXVID, and the epidemic of the vaccinated.

Unreported Truths on vaccine effectiveness in Israel…it’s not pretty, and not unexpected.

The Statistician to the Stars asks why there was little panic in the 1957-1958 flu?

Eugyppius does a deep dive into the Center for Countering Digital Hate, and hits his head on the bottom of the pool when he finds no depth at all.

At Founding Questions, Mass Formation Psychosis Week.

Short but sweet, by way of Isegoria, on why talking about the third world is pointless. Also, a great story about a machine gun and a million dollars.

Headline at the Neo-Ciceronian Times: “If I Die I Die, But I’m Not Going To Be Controlled.”

Z Man on a facet of our compliance/non-compliance society: the social contract as an ever-changing set of terms of service.

APRFTGV on the causes and maybe a solution to the Ukraine crisis.

Mogadishu Matt discusses the burdens of freedom.

The Sperg Box with a fine stream of consciousness post.

Let’s sit on the ground and tell sad stories of the death of Kings“: Gerry Bowler on January 28th, and the deaths of three Kings.

At the Orthosphere, a discussion of two terms originally applied to clothing: knavery and sleaze.


It wasn’t about a virus.


APRFTGV with some quotations. And, more quotations.

News of the World from Nikolai Vladivostok’s Word from the Dark Side.

Niccolo Soldo with his excellent weekly Saturday Commentary and Review #71.


At the Worthy House, Charles Haywood reviews God Is a Man of War: The Problem of Violence in the Old Testament.

The Z Blog Power Hour on the resurrection of McCarthyism.

Scott Greer is interviewed by the Russians With Attitude. These guys are good for a bunch of laughs.

John Derbyshire discusses goings on in Eastern Europe, and uses for Republicans.


Eternal Anglo Seax tells a story about the pot of nothing at the end of the rainbow.

Dr. Fauci speaks!

To close: January 27th was Mozart’s Birthday, in 1756. This is kind of fun:

Bonus, Sohla makes brunch for Henry VIII:

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