Sunday Morning Coffee 01/09/2022

John Michael Greer says Tomorrowland Has Fallen: a look at FAUXVID (and its consequences) as psychological displacement by an elite Managerial Corporatism class, in a desperate effort to avoid its inevitable end.

Z Man with a slightly related post, on the Administrative State’s internal crisis, which it may not be able to resolve.

APRFTGV on the life of the Last Queen of Italy.

Wolf Street has an interesting explanation of current labour market trends.

Mogadishu Matt with the best advice a friend can give: GET FUCKED! (Now I want a Pepsi.)

Nikolai Vladivostok on how multiculturalism erodes social trust.

Scott Locklin reviews several books on love and war as suggested by BAP on his podcast. Other BAP suggestions I can vouch for are Mishima’s Sun and Steel, On Hagakure, and The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea, and also Journey to the End of the Night, by Céline. (The Master & Margarita, by Bulgakov, is on my to-read-and-review list, probably sometime this year.)

Sun and Steel by Yukio Mishima

Jim on Chinese tech and engineering, and in particular, their weaknesses. Also, some alarming statistics on the FAUXVID vaccine and rates of death.

Eternal Anglo Seax on trolling as an exercise of power.

At Brigg’s blog, a guest post by John Q. Public on the roots of the preposterous public-health response to FAUXVID. reminds us: what happened to the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia?

At the Orthosphere, Individualism Promotes Ugliness.

At Patriactionary, evidence that Conservatives do actually conserve something: their tendency to demure to the Left.

IM-1776 argues for leaving audio-visual media behind, in favour of the written text.

Titus Quinctius Cincinatus on how the conflict that could lead to a US civil war is an ethnic conflict, but not the one you think it is.

By way of Isegoria, Scott Alexander’s review of Don’t Look Up, which is supposed to make us trust ‘Experts’, but ends justifying the opposite.

Gerry Bowler explains the Twelfth Night, not the play but the end of the Christmas season.

Edmond Leighton’s Olivia, heroine of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.


Charles Haywood at Worthy House reviews Bad Blood: Secrets and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup by John Carreyrou.

The Z Blog Power Hour returns, with epic rants by the Z Man on January 6th and other forms of poor marketing.

Courtesy of Eternal Anglo Seax, Brute Norse, a podcast from Norway discussing Viking and Norse culture, from Eirik Sotresund.


I could not happen to a nicer trio: Nikolai Vladivostok’s The Bunker.

A good scare: Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, at Terror House.

Aggregators has a mid-week round up of goings on in Canada, this week related to FAUXVID measures.

John Derbyshire has his monthly diary entry on topics related to living in New York State.

Nikolai Vladivostok with his weekly Word from the Dark Side.

Niccolo Soldo’s Saturday Commentary and Review at Fisted by Foucault.

To close: a great cover of the Ed Sheerhan song “I See Fire”

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