Off the Cuff – Wars We Do Not Need

The last few months at work have been fraught. We were recently ordered to provide proof of Coof Juice as part of our employment. Even if you work exclusively from home. If you will not drink the Coof-Aid, you must provide a daily PCR ‘negative’ test, at $180 a pop. To work at home. FFS.

This, and other events, have led me to an uncomfortable conclusion. Much of what we do, and the “problems” we solve at work, are caused by concern trolling. Someone needs to appear to be on top of things, to contribute their thoughts, to Make a DifferenceTM. To prove their value, a troll shows concern over some perceived danger, trouble, and/or injustice, almost always at the last minute and in full panic mode. They then delegate actually doing anything about the problem onto someone else. The six-figure salary is for demonstrating the wisdom to find the problem, after all. Actually doing work is for the serfs.

After calming the situation down, you find out there was no real risk or valid concern to begin with. More than once, the concern troll has forgotten what, days earlier, merited a red exclamation point email after working hours. Off to the next point of concern.

That this plague infests the workplace should be no surprise, given it is a plague infesting our society. The trigger for this realization, that the FAUXVID crisis is driven by the same kind of actor as the concern trolls in the workplace, was a video from about four years ago by a MGTOW YouTuber called Colttaine (who has been locked out of his channel, so the link may break).

Here is the video on Odysee:

In the video, Colttaine briefly discusses Gamergate. Remember, back in 2014, all that nonsense about how video games and video game production were problematic due to inherent sexism? Remember how a murky cabal of 4-Chan misogynists online were FOR SURE preparing to murder the BRAVE women COURAGEOUSLY exposing the systemic sexism in the industry? Colttaine called it correctly in 2017: all it accomplished was increased views at Kotaku, and increased media exposure for three concern trolls: Quinn, Sarkeesian, and Wu. This got me thinking about the source of much annoyance in my life: the concern troll crying “Wolf!” or “The Sky is Falling!” or “Omicron!” or “Sexism!”.

We did not need the war on drugs. We did not need the war on terror. We do not need a war on Islamophobia. We do not need a war on toxic masculinity. We do not need a war on Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Russia, China, or any other state not ideologically aligned with Globohomo. We do not need a war on systemic racism. We do not need a war on unconscious bias. We do not need a war on inherent sexism. We do not need a war on carbon dioxide. We do not need a war on a virus. We do not need a war on the unvaccinated.

We need a war on concern trolls. Not concern trolling…concern trolls.

How do you wage war on concern trolls? Ignore them. Part of the reason they have so much sway is because people pay attention to them, retweet or repost what they say, and so their message gets amplified. A prime example: Justin Trudeau, Canada’s leading source of concern trolling. Recently, he made comments at COP26 that Canada was going to stop exporting coal to developing countries, so they can lower their carbon emissions. This is retarded, as a developing economy needs cheap energy. I’m fairly certain they’ll get their coal from elsewhere anyway, so this will likely accomplish nothing.

But, leave it to other concern trolls to amplify this. Based on Justin Le Premier’s single comment at COP26, people I know are freaking out because “OMFG, won’t someone think of the coal industry!”. That’s all it takes: Trudeau makes one comment, provides zero, zip details and some concern troll now needs to amplify his remarks, fretting (speculating) as to how Ottawa might implement the plan, and what impacts it will have. Never mind that there is no plan and no details whatsoever. Trying to guess what Ottawa will do is pure speculation. Also, of all the shit Trudeau has talked since 2015, he’s implemented almost nothing personally that has had any actual impact on anyone. (Others in Ottawa have done things that affect Canadians, but trust me, Trudeau did nothing more than stamp his brand on it.)

This is an unforced error: Trudeau is a concern troll, so ignore him. Seriously, every time that guy says something, I barely notice. Talking nonsense, and saying things to provoke a response, is just what he does. But I cringe a bit every time someone reacts to what he says, either in the media, or in the comment section. Every reaction only enforces the narrative that what he says actually matters.

The truth is that Trudeau is Prime Minister because the Liberal Party of Canada lets him. It is a fine deal: he gets to play Prime Minister, jet-set around the world, give away billions of dollars, keep his delusion of grandeur going, all in exchange for maintaining the appearance that what he says matters. The Libs get to keep political power, relying on…whatever it is people see in that guy. It is irrelevant whether people agree with him, or like him, or hate him. As long as people respond to him as if what he says matters, that’s good enough.

If people actually ignored Trudeau, and his public statements no longer generated any interest, the Liberal Party would politely ask him to consider retirement. If he did not take the advice, he’d likely find himself metoo’d in short order. (It is always the Night of Long Knives at the Canadian Liberal party – there is always someone waiting to get rid of you and take your place.) The moment Trudeau causes little to no reaction with the public, is the moment the Libs see him as a liability, not an asset, and he’ll be gone. For Canada, ignorance could truly be bliss.

(Of course, mocking the piss out of concern trolls can also work. Finer bloggers have advised just such a course. I think Z Man and Severian have posts on this.)

2 thoughts on “Off the Cuff – Wars We Do Not Need”

  1. “In the first weeks of the German occupation of Poland, pre-war documents issued by the Second Polish Republic were used for identification. On 26 October 1939, following a decree of Hans Frank, Kennkarten were announced. Due to legal arguments, the first cards were not issued until June 1941. German authorities continued to issue them until 1943. A Kennkarte was a sheet of thin cardboard, measuring about 30 by 14 cm (12 x 5.5 inches). It had two parallel folds, and text on both sides, making it a six-page document, with each page measuring 10 by 14 cm (5.5 x 4 inches). The color of a Kennkarte was based on ethnicity. Poles had gray ones; Jews and Romas, yellow; Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Georgians and Goralenvolk, blue. Furthermore, letters were introduced to mark each ethnicity, based on the initial letter of the German word for the ethnicity (Juden, Weissrussen, Zigeuner etc) ā€“ J for Jews, U for Ukrainians, R for Russians, W for Belarusians, K for Georgians, G for Goralenvolk, Z for Roma (Gypsies).

    To receive a Kennkarte, an applicant had to fill out an application, and provide such documents as birth certificate, pre-war Polish ID, and marriage certificate (in specified cases). Polish citizens of appropriate ethnicity were obliged to make a formal declaration that they belonged to the Aryan race. Upon receiving the card, applicants were fingerprinted. Since Polish-speaking civil servants were involved in the process, the cards were frequently forged, which allowed for members of the Home Army, and Polish Jews, to obtain a new identity. Furthermore, illegal printing shops manufacturing the Kennkarten operated in occupied Poland. The cards were available on the black market, for the price of 500 zlotys. According to the Gestapo, in 1943 in Warsaw there were up to 150,000 fake cards in circulation. The Home Army estimated that in late 1942, some 10% of residents of the General Government had fake Kennkarten.”


  2. This is something I’ve thought a lot about. I’m going to say our economy, because I don’t separate Canada and America in my head- we’re the same founding stock, more or less.

    Anyway. Our economy is a shambles because of the tragic un-necessity of 80% of “labour” jobs. Of which perhaps more than 30% are mere busywork, the product of an illusory system of social constructs. I know that was libspeak, but they ain’t wrong about *everything.* The economy is absolutely a delusional Trainwreck, and has been since they collapsed the Mills (in Maine anyway) and the factories everywhere else. What isn’t a construct is the shattered towns left in the dust that get casinos citizens can’t afford as consolation prizes. Anywho.

    These busywork jobs are collapsible, and infinitely replaceable because they had no direct value. By design, valueless jobs can be defined away. Just like the people working them. The indirect value was in keeping the hoi polloi employed. But shock upon shock- your Old Stock doesn’t disappear over night upon importing Mumbo Jumbo to “do the work” that Birthright Citizens “won’t do.”

    They prop the illusion up on, more lies, and accelerate. Now because the young “won’t work” the old are in dire straits, and we need a surplus population of cheap labour. Won’t you think of grandma in her nursing home, potentially being beaten up by a third world savage? Dear Lord.


    I hadn’t thought of the concern trolls angle, but that makes a lot of sense to me. That is the vector by which my family’s shitlibs try to sway everyone. “Won’t you just think of_____.” Never does _______ benefit anyone I know.

    I’ve strangled your comments with my ‘Tism long enough. Have a happy Thursday, it’s the last Monday of the week.

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