Sunday Morning Coffee 11/28/2021

Eternal Anglo Seax discusses the symbolism and energy of the Fall season. He follows up with a post on the importance of Black Friday. Almost on cue, the Statistician to the Stars makes a Bleak Friday offer of his own. It’s a great deal…I think?

Speaking of actual great deals, Nikolai Vladivostok (from SovietMen) released his new book Tales From Captivity. I did a review of it here. Full disclosure: the cutie in his call for reviews of the book does not actually personally deliver the book to you. I was disappointed, but I think this is for the best. If she showed up here, I’d never get around to reading the book. And neither would she.

Gerry at Throne, Altar, Liberty sees hope in the Rittenhouse acquittal.

Severian discusses the autumn of the Middle Ages, an interesting take on the 15th Century, and how it relates to the 20th and 21st Centuries.

While effusively insisting it is not a return, Patriactionary returns, and chuckles at the news that the draft has been extended to women in the USA. He does have some not funny news about the restoration of the Notre Dame in Paris.

This always cracks me up. Ten-ply need not apply:

Gerry Bowler quickly summarizes the very short Upper Canada rebellion of William Lyon Mackenzie, in 1837.

Mogadishu Matt on the lessons learned from shitty neighbours.

On the digitization of ownership, the latest trend in equitization, from the Naked Dollar.

Banned Hipster wonders about the piles of dead bodies in Manhattan, and why Big Pharma gets its IP on the ‘just fucking take them’ vaccines, when allowing others to produce them would save lives…right? Right?

Terror House magazine, bastion of fiction and poetry, with part one of strange tale of book fetishes and isolation: The Debasement of Igor Prostakovich.

Over at the Orthosphere, some thoughts on transcendence (including the false version), with a collection of Bertonneau quotes on the subject.


Check out’s round up of happenings in the Empire of the St. Lawrence. (Also, last week’s Speech from the Throne was an excellent round up of every single progressive shibboleth in Canada. If you tell me it was a collection of comments from the CBC News website, I’d believe you.)

A Political Refuge From The Global Village has an excellent collection of quotes.

To close: more white fetishism. Trigger warning for the ten-ply: Germans having fun, without acknowledging their collective guilt.

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