Off the Cuff – Burning Down The Regime

I was thinking about my snark from this week’s Sunday Morning Coffee. In particular, about how I labelled the major political parties in Canada as being ideologically the same, with pace being the only difference. Some consequences came to mind, I cannot sleep, and they need to come out of my head.

All of these parties are part of the ruling regime. The idea that the Liberals win an election, so they rule, and then the Conservatives win one, and they rule, is now fantasy. All Canada’s political parties, judges, academics, media outlets, and big business, are the ruling regime. The only questions are who gets power within the regime at a given time. (‘Who?’ is constant, but its internal parts are always in flux. ‘Whom?’ never changes much.)

The recent coalescing of ideological affirmations by all political, business, academic, media and judicial elements of the Canadian regime is a sign. The regime is under threat (or, at the very least thinks it is). Shortly after Trump won in 2016, the Canadian regime stopped pretending, circled the wagons, and has been acting like it is fighting for its survival ever since.


They have opponents. It is they who have observed the regime, and want it destroyed. And the regime knows this.

The regime’s opponents have no culture which has not been provided by the regime.

They have no creed, nor code, nor faith, not provided by the regime.

They have no way of life or means not strictly controlled by the regime.

There is nothing they own, not their property nor their incomes, not even their faces, that cannot be, at the whim of the regime, smothered or taken away.

Some are able to have some of the above things free from the control of the regime. The regime vilifies them every chance it gets. Anything deviating from the prescriptions of the regime is a threat and must be stopped.

The regime has lied to them, promised them utopia, and then spun every event, principle, fact, in order to hide the inevitable failure. They know it now, that the beliefs, creeds, codes, morals and faith forced on them by the regime could finally come crashing down in an instant.

We live in a house of cards built on a foundation of sand.

Everything we fill our time with is a distraction away from this. The narcotics, the media, the rage and fear pornography, all keep us distracted and numb.

No wonder so many want to burn it all down.

2 thoughts on “Off the Cuff – Burning Down The Regime”

  1. Speaking only for myself with no judgement levied against those who still do- I outgrew my ‘want to burn it down’ phase. Getting married and having a son changed that tune. I would settled for a percent, a pocket of sanity. Somewhere where they don’t want to go. Maybe crowd-source people who think Clown World is anything other than a joke without a punchline into The Chaz (or whatever the hell that autonomous city in California is called.) Let them burn it down.

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