Sunday Morning Coffee 11/07/2021

Jim discusses the jab, and it seems it might be making things worse. He also discusses the US economy, money machine going ‘brrr’ and hyperinflation. Gold in the comments.

New material is available at Garden of the Internet. It leads to an interesting interpretation of the Bible.

SovietMen on the need for cultural and genetic renewal, or what the Visigoths can teach us about the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Charles Haywood, at the Worthy House, reviews Sean McMeekin’s Stalin’s War. Charles, as always, provides excellent reviews but also comments on how the material relates to our modern malaise. His outlook is critical but hopeful, a kind of red/white pill. Highly recommended.

Z Man discusses the purge of populist politics in the USA.

John Derbyshire does his weekly podcast, Radio Derb. John is an English expat, and does a weekly show on US politics, with a focus on immigration. He’s an old time conservative, and regularly subjects the ruling regime to mockery and scorn.

Mogadishu Matt’s short and excellent biographical post. Check out another one here, an example of what is fulfilling, which today is often nothing like what our jobs require us to do.

Quintus Curtius discusses the increased opportunities and temptations inherent in the Internet.

Our Statistician to the Stars discusses the war with Experts. Remember, they brought this war to you.

There is a great piece of fiction at the Sperg Box. It’s advice for young men on what to do with their lives, and understanding women.

The Myth of the 20th Century crew, with special guest Titus, discuss the new Dune movie, and the horror fiction of Thomas Ligotti.

A 25 second video message-in-a-bottle from Australia’s past demonstrates everything that is wrong today, over at Founding Questions. I remember those times, and lament the loss. Gold in the comments.

Murdoch Murdoch is back, taking questions for AMA5.

Scott Locklin reviews America Against America, Wang Huning’s 1992 treatise on his observations of the United States of America. Huning is now a high ranking Communist party official, and considered to be Xi Jingping’s “grey cardinal“. I suggest, as does Locklin, that if you want to understand China’s current position on the US, you start with America Against America.

Over at The Orthosphere, posts on the origin and use of the word ‘debauch’, and the real purpose of masks, as shibboleths.

For aggregators, check out last weeks’ Saturday Commentary and Review at Fisted By Foucault, and this week’s as well.

These get longer and longer every week. Am I spiraling back into the old Cantandum In Ezkhaton days? Stay tuned!

To close: I don’t believe a word you say. Alles Luege!

That’s why we teach today the joy in desperation.
Untergrund Lebenslang
Lebenslang Untergrund.

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