Post-Election Open Letter

TL;DR – Trudeau will very likely remain Prime Minister with a minority government. Trudeau is a goof. The big mistake made by those against him was not speaking this patently obvious truth. Consequently, they should have told everyone to just ignore him or to dismiss everything he says as naïve, silly or foolish. Instead, they turned on each other, acting like performers in a Trudeau Circus.

Let’s have a chat, Canada. The election is over. Trudeau, while a little worse for wear, remains Prime Minister, and is likely to form the next government. This, in spite of his antics, hypocrisy, wrecking Canada’s reputation abroad, and really only accomplishing marijuana decriminalization and buying a pipeline with taxpayer money.

Never has there been someone so clearly incompetent in notional charge of this nation. But Trudeau is no dummy. He’s very good at marketing himself. And he is a master at manipulating his opponents. He remains our leader because he played a long con on us and we fell for it, hook, line and sinker. To Trudeau’s opponents: You are the reason he remains Prime Minister. “But no” you say? “He won’t survive the next confidence motion!” Wrong. He’s our leader for the foreseeable future, and I put a 40% chance he lasts until the next mandated election. Let’s look at how that happened.

It’s obvious someone else calls the shots while he is Prime Minister. At the exact moment he said “because it’s 2015”, I got that sinking feeling that can only be described as: “Fuck. We just put a five year old at the steering wheel of our country, and he can’t see over the dashboard.”

The country seemed to keep running right along the Progressive tracks, however. Clearly, someone else was doing the driving, while our Prime Minister was proverbially climbing out the sun roof, hooting at people in the street. Who was it who did the steering, then? Look at who benefited from the direction the country took. If you guessed those who use Social Justice as an instrument of power and control, Montreal Whigs, and internationalists, you’ve been paying attention. You got a hint during the SNC Lavalin scandal.

He is Mr. Indestructible. All his screw ups and the subsequent criticisms rolled off of him like water off a duck. If you’ve learned anything, Canada, it should be that Le Dauphin has gotten by in life using his charm to avoid the consequences of his mistakes or outright bad behaviour. At 47, he’s only going to get better at this, not worse.

I’ve known people like this, who just have that je ne sais quoi that lets them charm their way through just about anything. They are actually a lot of fun to hang out with, often will act as wing men, and very often use their skills to encourage social cohesion. They are daring and take risks. Everyone has a good time when they are around. But, you can’t expect your personal charm to get your country out of difficulties. And Justin’s charm cannot get Canada out of troubles that his mistakes cause. Don’t worry, Trudeau does not expect this of himself. His show is the Justin Show, and that’s all he worries about.

And what a show it is. He holds himself out as a leader for any social justice cause du jour. He’ll tearfully apologize for past ‘wrongs’, embrace people from disadvantaged groups, and loudly declare himself whatever wokeness trend is fashionable that day. Being the fearless leader he is, he’ll call out anyone not living up to his very high standards. Except of course, for himself. (I’m sure that if pressed, he’d say he prefers ‘peopleself’. I digress.)

And that was the big mistake everyone made. They let him dictate what the standards for conduct were going to be. He dictated to his opponents what the pressing issues were, what proper conduct was in light of those issues, and he demanded compliance. And his opponents ran around like trained dogs trying to please him. All he had to say was that Scheer hung out in the same place as some group, and that group was, like, Nazis, or white sumprEEEEmists, and Scheer would spend days disavowing them and the MSM would not stop pushing him on it. NEVER once did anyone challenge Trudeau on the underlying premises, that any of these parties were Nazis, or that being in the same area as alleged Nazis is explicit endorsement of them. If that were true, Trudeau is most certainly a Sikh separatist. Except he isn’t, and no one made any sustained accusation of that.

So, everyone was waiting for him to screw up, to fall from his high horse. To hoist him on his own petard. Just one little bigoted act and he was done, or so we thought. YET, in spite of all the people saying he was done, finished, “stick a fork in in it”, after scandal after scandal, his approach of that reporter, his blackface incidents, SNC Lavalin, Jody Wilson-Raybould, Janice Philpot, Gerald Butts, the utterly falacious prosecution of Admiral Mark Norman, Trudeau’s showing up late to diplomatic meetings, forgetting China is not Japan, and his farcical trip to India, he was far from done. None of these events put any appreciable dent in his support. And that’s where his opponents missed the boat and fell for his manipulation.

He is not a feminist or a cuck or an überdiversity guy. He only said those things so he could hold his opponents to those standards. He never applied them to himself, ever. (He gladly applied it to everyone and everything else.) And he got away with it. Why? Because he does not care about those things. And most Canadians really don’t care if he’s a hypocrite, or if he did dumb shit in his wild days, or if he throws his Ministers under the bus. He’s a charming and perhaps well meaning but misguided court jester. Who takes that seriously? Most world leaders don’t and won’t, which was a big fat clue hanging out for all to see.

But, his opponents ran around for four years showing how they were up to his high social justice standards. They attacked and ruined members of their own parties, disavowed their allies, and stood by while decent people got put through the wringer, to show how woke they were.

The Conservatives even went to so far as to hire a leading political consultant to punch right against a fellow conservative party. Andrew Scheer’s only real victory was seeing his right-wing rival fail to get re-elected in his own riding. It is very clear that the Conservatives are nothing more than a police arm over true conservatives and dissidents, working at the behest of the Liberal Party. Suckers. They ended up looking like a bunch of harpies running around shrieking about who was tolerant and who was not. Trudeau called the tune and they danced to it.

He’s the biggest alpha in the country now. Everyone called him a cuck, but he did not care. He cried in public, apologized, proclaimed himself a feminist, called masculinity toxic, all behaviours, which combined, arouse disgust in just about everyone not drowning in Progressive ideology. And yet here he is, still on top. Sorry, Raging Golden Eagle, but he was never Cuck of the Year. He’s an alpha, and he demonstrated it by behaving in a way that should be repugnant, and then made it clear he did not give a fuck. With that much bravado, is it any wonder he maintained power? No, it’s not.

What did you learn? Your enemies will try to win by forcing you to adhere to your own moral principles. When you let the enemy dictate your moral principles to you, and then hold YOURSELF to that standard, you’re finished. Stick a fork in yourself, already.

So what do you do with a guy like Trudeau? He’s a goof, which he’s verified so many many times. Everyone knows this on some level, so start saying it. Dismiss what he says as foolish and naïve, ignore him for the most part, and then move on to your plans and principles for dealing with actual issues. (This is what the Left in Canada does to dissenters that won’t be shamed, all the time, and look how well it works, minus the plans and principles of course.) Maxime Bernier is the only one of you who came close.

Govern yourself accordingly, Canada, or guys like Trudeau will keep doing it for you.

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