Ramblings on 9/11

Today is the 18th anniversary of the WTC attacks in New York City. I’m not making light of the 9/11 attacks. Looking back, it all seemed so surreal then and it still does. Still, for anyone who lost friends or loved ones in the attacks and the aftermath, my condolences.

The entire affair took on a “staged” feel, from the initial videos of the attacks, the subsequent media coverage, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, all the way up to Osama Bin Laden’s assassination in 2011. I remember the announcement made after the first plane hit the towers, with the announcer sounding like he was reading a pre-written script which he did not believe. It’s not that these events were fake (although, that Bin Laden thing…), but rather, I think the entire treatment of it all represented a very well orchestrated campaign of news, opinion, and outright propaganda meant to create only one accepted narrative about the events, and provoke a certain response and insure compliance with (or acquiescence to) Washington’s subsequent actions which amounted to modern imperialism.

Recently, a Myth of the 20th Century Q&A podcast discussed favourite conspiracy theories. One such theory was that the Pentagon was built five sided to contain…something bad (insert nefarious music here). On September 10, 2001, that something got out! I note, to support this theory, that Slayer’s infamous album God Hates Us All was also released on 9/11. Its lead song, Disciple, is a poignant example of the nihilism, desecration of the Holy, and self-destructiveness now common place in our times.

I don’t think God has been punishing us since then, but rather, he simply abandoned us. Turns out, being left to our own devices is sufficient punishment all on its own.

Counter Currents did a retrospective on 9/11 on its 10th anniversary, which they reposted today. As part of that post, they featured a picture of the monument To the Struggle Against World Terrorism. I had never seen it before:

It looks garish to me. It was made by Zurab Tsereteli, a Russian painter, and now stands at Bayonne New Jersey. It was a gift from the Russian government to memorialize the victims of 9/11 and the 1993 WTC bombing. Vladimir Putin attended the ground breaking in 2005. Bill Clinton attended the dedication ceremony on September 11, 2006. (Insert comment about a good place to bury inconvenient corpses here.) It is supposed to be a tear drop falling down fractured bronze towers.

I see something different. It looks like an oil drop to me, which seems to be suspended in an underground cavern. I cannot help but think that the intent behind the statute might be a message from Russia (with love), that if the US continues its policy of empire and pursuing wars for the sake of controlling oil supply, it can expect more attacks. This is just magical thinking on my part. But, I raise it because three nations that the US has rattled sabres with this year, Venezuela, Russia and Iran are all major oil and/or gas suppliers which do not accept America’s attempts to globohomo them. Maybe this changes now that Bolton is gone, but who knows. (Canuckistan? Firmly in your pocket, USA. Saudi Arabia? Not sure who is in whose pocket, but the relationship is pocketed nonetheless. Iraq? Libya? Well, you saw what happened with them.)

It seems then that the potential lesson of the Struggle is not learned. But then again, when you have an empire, you do what you can to maintain it. In our modern era, controlling the world’s energy supply means having a lever on the sovereignty of every nation.

Meanwhile, in Canuckistan, Trudeau calls a federal election. It will run for forty days until October 21st, the same number of days Jesus was tempted in the desert by Satan.

The Walk A Mile in Her Shoes organization sponsors a lunchtime event in which the members of the patriarchy put on high heels so they can feel what it’s like to walk while being oppressed by footwear like the Wahmen. Following what Z Man said last October, guys who do this are taking the final step necessary to spontaneously become a literal door mat.

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  1. Adam Smith · September 15

    It’s interesting hearing your perspective from the land up north that whether it wants to or not is asymmetrically affected by policy decisions of your neighbor. There was a group of French documentarians working with the New York City fire department on September 11th that “happened” to capture a good deal of the footage used in the media cycles that followed the event. They were some of the people saying things like “today, we are all American” as the war machine geared up and attempted (and later failed) to gain international support for the invasion of Iraq. It was later revealed that much of that French team was some sort of psyop planted there to have the cameras ready for the big event. The world has not been the same since. And hopefully our trust in our governments has correspondingly been adjusted downwards as well.

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